We seek your help to identify the conditions that may allow or inhibit bullying. If we understand the causes of bullying, we can begin to create remedies. Your help will enable us to learn how many subsidized or public residential situations for elderly and disabled persons are infected with bullying and the causes. Will you please take about 10 minutes to provide answers that capture your observations and experience? 


We do not share names or contact information with others. The surveys and our reports will not identify you, any community, or individual. We do not ask for any information that may be protected by professional confidentiality. 

Answers to your questions

If you have specific issues and concerns, your responses can help us provide you with the most appropriate information. Be sure to include your name and email when you answer those questions, and then write to us for followup. We do not share names or contact information with others.

We offer two questionnaires:

A. Questionnaire for residents and people who work on the premises of the housing complex

Take this questionnaire if you are a resident of, or if you work on the premises of a public or subsidized housing development for elderly or disabled persons.

B. Questionnaire for landlords, managers, and professionals with housing developments in their catchment area.

Take this questionnaire if you are a professional with responsibility for public or subsidized housing developments for elderly or disabled persons, or if you provide services to those residents in your catchment area, typically for several housing developments. Examples: senior center, area agency on ageing, independent living center, social worker, police, mental health service agency, legal services agency, or even a housing provider/landlord or an off-site manager with several housing developments.  

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