“Bullying” or “harassment” uses any mode of communication to hurt and demean the target or victim, and mobilizes members of the community to use gossip, social pressures, and isolation; and thus to harm and control the victim and take away their rights—their dignity—their self respect—their health—and their well being. Bullying is a contagious social problem that creates toxic communities and harms everyone in housing, including management, staff and landlord, not just the tenants.

“Mobbing” consists of a community harassing and bullying a victim, including in order to get rid of them and that is initiated, condoned, or supported by those in charge.

“Hostile environment harassment” consists of bullying and harassing victims, and is a violation of the Fair Housing Law defined as unwelcome conduct creating a situation that makes it difficult or impossible for victims to have the peaceful enjoyment of their residency.

“Peaceful enjoyment” is the right of each tenant to enjoy the use of their home and common spaces without interference.

“Guardians” are a group of tenants who appoint themselves as the “rightful” controllers of social life and use bullying and harassing to exclude others from their peaceful enjoyment, leading to mobbing and even to eviction.