Our Fair Housing Rights & Remedies

Bonny Zeh (SBC), Michael Kane (MAHT), Gustavo Velasquez (HUD FHEO), Jerry Halberstadt (SBC)

Few things are more important to wellbeing than having a home, a home that is safe and secure, and membership in a community that offers the opportunity for growth, fulfillment, and social support. However, we are a nation of prejudice, segregation, and harassment. Yet we are a nation of laws and rights. Fortunately, federal and state agencies work to apply law to remedy injustice, and to develop administrative rules and remedies to assure that everyone can be protected.

In Court: Victim or Perpetrator?

Bullying happens in every kind of community, and anyone could be a perpetrator or a victim. For example, even the manager of subsidized housing can be bullied by residents. Such a claim, of harassment by frail elderly residents was made by Rachel Robbins, the manager of Winslow Arms Apartments, a HUD-subsidized project for 65 elderly and disabled persons.(1)