Success is near



Thanks to your efforts and support, our cause is gaining momentum behind the scenes on Beacon Hill. We are now optimistic of early action on S1984, the bill to establish a commission on bullying, by the House Ways and Means Committee in the coming weeks. Thank you for your support and for reaching out to your elected representatives on Beacon Hill. Working in partnership with us, these dedicated public servants have leveraged your support to seek early action on S1984.

Our Fair Housing Rights & Remedies

Bonny Zeh (SBC), Michael Kane (MAHT), Gustavo Velasquez (HUD FHEO), Jerry Halberstadt (SBC)

Few things are more important to wellbeing than having a home, a home that is safe and secure, and membership in a community that offers the opportunity for growth, fulfillment, and social support. However, we are a nation of prejudice, segregation, and harassment. Yet we are a nation of laws and rights. Fortunately, federal and state agencies work to apply law to remedy injustice, and to develop administrative rules and remedies to assure that everyone can be protected.