Oregon Citizen Urges Stop Bullying Action Like Massachusetts

Our advocacy efforts and pending legislation is already a model for the nation. I just received this copy of a letter from an "Ordinary Citizen" to her legislators in Oregon.

Dear Senator Dembrow and Representative Smith Warner:

The Stop Bullying Coalition in Massachusetts has garnered 20 sponsors of
stop-bullying bills in their legislature.

I believe that Massachusetts is the first state to take bullying
seriously. There is also a stop workplace bullying bill waiting for a
vote in that state. See their site for more information on their fine work.


I would request that both of you work to sponsor similar stop-bullying
bills for Oregon.


"Ordinary Citizen"
Your constituent


Your comment here,please

Hooray to Oregon citizen writing to her Legislature for anti-bully laws. All
states desperately need them.

I have also taken steps to promote awareness
and statute changes in my state, Missouri. As Jerry says, it is a long process.

My present home is the first community living I have tried. Believe you me, it
is indeed a different world and with poor management along with uncaring
owners, it can become a nightmare. Other contributors toward the problems is
the failure of governing agencies to conduct good and thorough inspections;
therefore, missing abnormalities. Having found no problems, then proper or
adequate supervision is not done to require corrections by the owner and
management nor can penalties be applied. Consequently, the owner and
managements bullying along with abuse continues and escalates toward the
senior tenants. They got by with it.

In experiencing the grim treatments, I thought I was all alone until I met Jerry. In reading his wonderful book and
articles along with his support, I have gained mental and physical strength
to continue with my goal for ANTI-BULLYING Laws, not only here, but over the
Nation. Jerry's work has been astronomical. He has worked tirelessly to get
his state protection for seniors. Thank you Jerry. You are amazing.

Edie Stephenson