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I try to update the comprehensive links list once a month. This month, when I searched using google the terms: senior citizen bullying, the Stop Bullying Coalition comprehensive links list  is the third entry on the second page of the search. People interested in this topic are clearly finding our resources helpful, and for that, I am grateful. 

Here are links to a podcast and television news reports I would like to bring to your attention:

I located a podcast on Youtube, called Generations. Episode 6: Bullying at All Ages, that is a really good introduction to bullying.  The guests are: Mary Jo Riley, from the Groton, CT Senior Center and Judy Janks of SeniorCenter They talk about what bullying actually is, how adults actually bully other adults and how to tackle it. I highly recommend this podcast to all who have an interest in this topic, for it is a great introduction:

Scott-Smith, B. “Generations Podcast Episode 6: Bullying at All Ages”, <cite></cite>, July 26. 2018.

As a victim of bullying and an activist, I am glad when media reports on this problem. In order to adequately address the problem of senior citizen (and persons with disabilities) bullying, we need the media to help raise awareness of this problem. So, I am glad when a reporter writes a story on senior citizen bullying, from a part of the country where this problem hasn't been reported on. This month, I located reports addressing senior citizen bullying in Georgia, Nevada and South Carolina. 

Georgia WALB News 10 report: Tift Co. senior citizens learn lessons on bullying”, August 15, 2019.”

Nevada KVLY report: Itzcowitz, R. “West Fargo school examines bullying in senior citizens”,Valley News Live, May 22, 2019.

South Carolina: ABC Columbia report:  Roberts, A. “Bullying Major Problem in Senior Care Centers”, ABC Columbia</cite>, May 17, 2018.

Bonny Zeh is a co-founder of the Stop Bullying Coalition and the curator of our links resource pages, where many more helpful articles await.

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