Two Americas

There are two Americas. One America believes we are all part
of the same community, sharing the same destiny, with
liberty and justice for all. One America believes we are all
equal in rights and in humanity, and we willingly share with
those who need help and consideration so they can reach
their full potential. We willingly share with those
challenged by disability, age, or poverty.

The other America is selfish. If people do not appear to be
youthful, able bodied and wealthy, the other America doesn't
care about them.
The other America is unwilling to share
common wealth or public resources. For this other America,
bullying is its natural course of action: to get their way.

Today, the selfish, other America is bullying everyone. The
shutdown of the government is hurting the country,
eliminating essential services, putting hard working and
dedicated federal workers into financial distress.

We who live in public and subsidized housing are
also facing threats.

Will landlords, who depend on HUD subsidies to fund our
housing, be able to continue? Will they demand that we pay
the full market rate rent?

Will the food stamps we rely on to get through the month be
shut off?

We are, each of us, the two Americas. Every day we choose who we will be.

Let's fight for our rights

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