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The Office of the Attorney General has asserted that it is unlawful for a housing provider not to protect tenants from harassment. I wrote to seek a meeting with the Attorney General or the Policy & Government Affairs Division to discuss the issues around bullying, mobbing, and hostile environment harassment. I asked to include tenants and the legislative sponsors of H3868—a bill to create an office of the tenant advocate that would protect the rights of tenants when landlords fail to prevent hostile environment harassment.

COVID Transmission in Essex County and Peabody, Massachusetts

September 21, 2023. Information about transmission and ongoing current infections in Essex County and Peabody, Massachusetts. Although elderly people are at very high risk, simple steps can provide good protection against transmission and infection. Especially when transmission levels are persistently high, your actions can protect you and everyone around you. And when you work together with your neighbors, family, and everyone you see, you can all be safer together. It's not hard: Vaccinate; boost; ventilate; mask; hand hygiene; avoid unmasked gatherings.

Masking is Essential for Safety in Hospitals

We all want to put COVID behind us and get on with our lives and put aside all our fears and the constant disruption of our normal life. Nevertheless, COVID is still here, causing severe disease, death, and long COVID.  We all want to put COVID behind us and get on with our lives and put aside all our fears and the constant disruption of our normal life.  Nevertheless, COVID is still here, causing severe disease, death, and long COVID. 


Doreen Wade Celebrates Democracy

People looking at raised flags

Celebrating Democracy

We hope to live with dignity and respect for our rights, even if we live in public and subsidized housing. However, we often feel like prisoners and we despair for relief.

Enslaved people and their descendants have had a more difficult challenge to seek their rightful place as free persons living with dignity and respect for their rights!


Bullying & Democracy At Apple Village


Some tenants of Apple Village allege they are the targets of harassment, abuse, bullying, and deliberate actions to create stress. Members of each of the tenant associations accuse the other of bullying. Some blame the manager. The problems are pervasive. The situation may qualify as hostile environment harassment. Apple Village in Beverly has two HUD-subsidized apartment buildings for elderly and disabled.


Editorial: Reconciliation at Apple Village?

EDITORIAL: Reconciliation at Apple Village?

A cookout at Apple Village that was intended to bring people together for reconciliation instead revealed discord, stress, and pain.

Two opposed groups of tenants accuse each other of bullying and many interpret everything from a perspective of mistrust, fear, anger, and expectation of malice. One of the groups is trying to stop the conflict and invited all residents to a cookout. Neighbors do not trust neighbors and some do not trust the management. The situation demonstrates hostile environment harassment.


Don’t Harm the Vulnerable

The June, 5 2023 article in the Globe by John Hilliard, “State health rapid response team deployed to Chelsea veterans’ home after new COVID-19 outbreak,” reports that 25 persons were infected by COVID, probably at a party. “Dr. Shira Doron …  [was] not surprised to hear of a cluster of COVID-19 cases occurring in a place like a veterans’ home, where people are in close proximity.” Since we know that COVID can be spread by aerosols—tiny, invisible droplets—we are surprised that residents and staff were not better protected. We know how to use layers of protection including gathering outside and avoiding indoor gatherings; ventilation; and N95 masks to reduce the risk of transmission.


Editorial: Safety Earns Trust

Van displays banner "Give Us Care, not COVID"
On May 11, 2023,The Massachusetts Coalition for Health Equity broadcast statements by advocates for safe healthcare using a large TV in the rear of a van that displayed banner, "Give Us Care, not COVID." The van appeared at the office of the Department of Public Health and at the State House. Image taken from video by Mary Jirmanus Saba, courtesy Mass Coalition for Health Equity.